Preventative Maintenance

Reduce The Risk of Downtime

Preventative maintenance decreases unexpected downtime, optimizes efficiency, and helps you to control manufacturing expense. Optimizing your conveyor system’s performance is a complex and continuous task. Our team members have the skill and experience to deliver comprehensive maintenance on overhead conveyors, floor conveyors, and process equipment . When you choose LG Fox as your preventative maintenance service provider, you can be confident that every precaution has been taken to ensure an efficient operation.

When your crew goes home, our crew goes to work. We provide our scheduled maintenance service during planned off hours, whatever day or time that may be. We provide full testing and confirmation so when your crew returns you can be confident the equipment will operate flawlessly. We complete confirmations every weekend in multiple plants around the United States and Mexico.

Conveyor System Maintenance

LG Fox provides all types of preventative maintenance services for your conveyor systems, including:

  • Carrier inspection and maintenance for overhead and floor systems
  • Conveyor rail inspections and maintenance. Testing for tolerance as well as wear and tear.
  • Fixture inspections
  • Check sheet inspections with meter by meter reporting
  • Control wiring and electrical system testing and maintenance
  • Inspection of tolerance, alignment and uniformity of fittings and rollers

Should the unexpected happen, we are there for you with our emergency repair and maintenance service.

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LG Fox is always checking on open items and working out a timeframe to finish items to meet our schedule. They are great with communication and visit our shop on a regular basis.

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Keep Your Manufacturing Line Running Smoothly

We’re ready to help you reduce the risk of downtime with a scheduled preventative maintenance service.