Complete Retooling Service

Our in-depth knowledge of existing equipment combined with our ability to quickly learn the requirements of new equipment, makes LG Fox a natural choice for any retooling project. Every detail of the project is meticulously planned, managed, and executed to deliver a system that meets or exceeds all specifications and tolerances. We interface with the original equipment manufacturers and engineers, equipment vendors and local engineering, ensuring all requirements are accounted for and potential obstacles are avoided.

Our internal engineering resources and staff management enables us to adeptly overcome any unplanned onsite challenges. LG Fox has earned awards and recognition for our ability to retool entire productions lines.

We also provide iterative improvements to existing systems by retooling individual pieces of equipment without stopping production or creating unexpected downtime. LG Fox can take your retooling project from schematics and drawings to a fully operational system reliably, safely, on time and budget.

Our Team In Action

Make Your Retooling Project A Success

Let LG Fox put our decades of experience to work on your next project.